{Shikoku Hachijūhachikasho Meguri}

This information is being put together from many sources. In addition to my personal notes, a list of my resources can be found on the Pilgrimage Books & Papers page. The goeika and honzon mantra are from www.bekkaku.com. The links for each of the temple's honzon (main deity) go to an explanation of that deity on the Shingon Buddhist International Institute web site at www.shingon.org.

Shgyō no Dōjō
The Dōjo of Religious Discipline
(Bangai Temple 5)

Bangai Temple 5 Shingon Buddhism
Kōbō Daishi
Temple of Great Virtue Lodging: No

Goeika: Mina hito no zen wo Susaki no Kōyaji, nami no on sae hō no koe kana.
Honzon's mantra: Namu Daishi Henjō Kongō.

Daizenji is located in Susaki City between Temples 36 and 37 on the way down to Cape Ashizuri from Kōchi City. It was founded by Kōbō Daishi. It is also the only temple that has Kōbō Daishi as the honzon in the Hondō.

A lot of the compound has been rebuilt. The Daishidō is new and has been relocated to the bottom of the hill. According to a new guidebook i have, there is now a monorail (looks like a cablecar though) that will take you to the Hondō and the Nōkyōjo,. If you choose to walk up the stairs to get there, it's an easy climb.