{Shikoku Hachijūhachikasho Meguri}

--- Known Henro ---

This is a list of people who have walked all or parts of the Shikoku Pilgrimage and who have said that they can be contacted with questions. Feel free to contact them. No permission required.

My dream is to list henro from every country so that anyone, anywhere, and at any time can find someone with whom they can discuss the pilgrimage.
If you have walked at least part of the pilgrimage and are willing to add your name to to this list, please send me a message. (Contact Information)

Disclaimer: Some of these email addresses can be old as they were added to the list as far back as 2000. Because i rarely hear from people after they ask to be added to the list i have no idea if the addresses are still working. If you find one that is not... My apologies. Gomen nasai. Je m'excuse. Lo siento.

Name Address Language Location
Bob Davies English Durban, South Africa
James Baquet English Shenzhen, China
Benedict Campbell English, Thai Thailand
John Ebert English Ibaraki, Japan
Jason Emde English, Japanese Gifu, Japan
Kaisoku-Henro Japanese, English Japan
Charlie Kirk English Tōkyō, Japan
Hiroshi Kushima English, Esperanto, Japanese Yokohama, Japan
Iwao Kohno English, Japanese Nagoya, Japan
Kristopher Littlefield English, Japanese Tōkyō, Japan
David Moreton English, Japanese Tokushima, Japan
Cody Odell English Macau, China
Eiji Okawa English, Japanese Tokushima, Japan
Dax Oliver English, Japanese, Spanish Tōkyō, Japan
Rebecca Phares English, Japanese Matsuyama, Japan
Susie Seiler Schaufelbuehl English, German, Japanese Ōsaka, Japan/Zurich, Switzerland
Benjamin Schwartz English, Japanese Tōkyō, Japan
Gomyō Kevin Seperic English, Japanese Kurashiki, Japan
John Shufelt English, Mandarin Taichung, Taiwan
Benjawan Skulsujirapa English, Thai Bangkok, Thailand
Tom Ward English, Japanese Tōkyō, Japan
Don Weiss English Tokushima, Japan
Turner Wright English Kyūshū, Japan
Australia & New Zealand
Eric van Bemmel English, Japanese Australia
Chris Camp English Australia
Lisa Dempster English Australia
Armin Howald English, German, French Australia
Eleanor Lefever-Taschen English New Zealand
Allan Marett English, Japanese Australia
Shelagh Noble English New Zealand
Chris Pearce English Australia
Justin Phillips English Melbourne, Australia
Doug Quarry English Port Macquarie, Australia
Jude Quarry English Port Macquarie, Australia
Ben Sheppard English, Japanese Gold Coast, Australia
Jordan Benoit English, French British Columbia, Canada
David Bolster English, French Montreal, Canada
Steve Clark English BC, Canada
Wayne Emde English British Columbia, Canada
Lynn Jennings English, French, Italian British Columbia, Canada
Craig Shikaze English Edmonton, Canada
Robert Sibley English Calgary, Canada
Tonie St-Onge English, French Ottawa, Canada
Sage Ward English British Columbia, Canada
Francesco Angiolini Itlian, English Bologna, Italy
Manfred Attner German, Spanish, English Berlin, Germany
Lu Barnham English Oxford, UK
Lena Bauer German, Spanish, English Berlin, Germany
Raphael Bechtold German, French, English Bremen, Germany
Michael Bolech German, English Germany/New Zealand
James Campbell English London, England
Giorgio Croci Italian, English Erba, Italy
Geert Drieghe Dutch, English, French,
Leuven, Belgium
Britta Eisermann German, English Hamburg, Germany
Stuart Dubois English London, UK
Christiane Fitzpatrick French, English France
Florian De Frocourt French, English, Spanish, Esperanto France
Léo Gantelet French, English Seynod, France
Ger de Groot Dutch, English, French,
German, Japanese
The Hague, The Netherlands
Kelly den Haak Dutch, Engish The Netherlands
Mark van Helvert Dutch, English, German, Norwegian The Netherlands
Sandi Howie English Northern Ireland
Martin Hughes English, French, Dutch Britain
Elly Jührend Dutch, English, German, French The Netherlands
Gerald Koll French, German, English Berlin, Germany
Fiona MacGregor English, Japanese UK
Tommi Mendel English, German Zurich, Switzerland
Bernard Michel French, English Toulouse, France
Andreas Mielck German, English Munich, Germany
Jan-Willem Paijens Dutch, English The Netherlands
Moza Rella French, English France
Guillaume Sarah French, English France
Elizabeth Smith English, German, Danish,
Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish
Berlin, Germany
Dominik Schmitt German, English Germany
Alain Thierion French, German, English Thonon, France
Henny van der Veere Dutch, English, French,
German, Japanese
Leiden, The Netherlands
Todd Wassel English Kosovo
Mexico & Latin America
Gabriel Begun Spanish, English Mexico D.F., Mexico
Middle East
Pedro Fernandez Spanish, English Haifa, Israel
Chanoch Lipperman Hebrew, English Israel
United States
Arlene Atherton English California, USA
Dai-En Bennage English, Japanese Pennsylvania, USA
Harry Chapman English California, USA
Marcus Daniels English N. Carolina, USA
Jesse Ehrenzweig English, French, Japanese Colorado, USA
Jeffrey Hackler English Hawaii, USA
Makoto Harada English, Japanese Massachusetts, USA
Nan Ma Hartmann English, Japanese, Chinese New York, USA
Tom Herbert English Florida, USA
Jacqueline Horne English Big Island, Hawaii, USA
Mary Lynn Howard English Pennsylvania, USA
Doug Huffer English Illinois, USA
Betsy Keck English, Japanese Ohio, USA
Anthony Kimple English Oregon, USA
Jim Knighten English, Japanese Washington (State), USA
Lisa Kochinski English California, USA
Bill Macher English Pennsylvania, USA
Sam Miller English Texas, USA
Zen Parry English Oregon, USA
Marc Pearl English Florida, USA
Ed Readicker-Henderson
(This should get to him through his company)
English Arizona, USA
Luree Schneider English Minnesota, USA
David Turkington (Me) English Illinois, USA
Whitney Vosburgh English California, USA
Ashley Wright English New Jersey, USA
Alicia Wszelaki English California, USA
Steve Williams English California, USA
Eric Zautner English Kansas, USA
Noah Zimmerman English Texas, USA